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About Us

Shahi Herbal Pharma (Regd) health service provider, dealing in natural products, a name that represents excellence and commitment to the health services sector – the pioneering force that aims at building values through nutrition supplements for patients, employees, partners and for the culture, at large. The fundamental business policy of Shahi Herbal Pharma is to innovate natural health products, to shine at whatever is shaped and to make an online health food store brand that continually strives for something still superior & sustainable as natural products. Transparency in natural health products by their fundamental health stores values has brought Shahi Herbal Pharma (Regd) a long way in rising nutrition supplements and maintaining brilliant relations with clients. The commitment and devotion in providing customers with the top health product & service helped Shahi Herbal Pharma to become the world’s major natural venture in online health food store.

Founded by Hakeem Tanveer (D.I.S.S - Tib-e-nabvi) , Shahi Herbal Pharma's optimistic dawakhana, online health store has arrive a long way today with virtual presence extend supply PAN India and globally. It provides state-of-the-art natural nutrition supplements to millions, with the numbers rising steadily with increasing natural products as well to add value to natural food store. Spreading its wings beyond Pakistan, Shahi Herbal Pharma went international with its health product supply to neighboring continents initially. The international operations were furthered with the launch of Shahi Herbal Pharma natural health products virtual presence to far off places as well. The nutrition supplements company made another mark on the global health product scenario when it established its presence by acquiring one of the major part in virtual supply of these natural health products & supplements.

As a part of their stable endeavour towards maximizing consumer advantage in acquiring natural health products, Shahi Herbal Pharma (Regd) ’s also introduced Online and across waters telephonic consultancy health product related services five decades ago. This health center quickly expanded its service domain to contain increasing number in nutrition supplements supply in general categories as well.

Our Vision
Health at Home, World’s most accessible healthcare organization in Natural Health Products & nutrition supplements.

Mission Statement
Upgrade communication infrastructure in integrating online health food store. To keep abreast with the latest technology available for easy access towards providing excellent natural food store and wellness service to all with concern and compassion through natural food stores & clinical brilliance and cost effective health care. On the other hand, Shahi Herbal Pharma’s optimistic natural health products unit has been churning out nutrition supplements their huge range has steadily gained popularity for brilliant quality and a natural base. With so many occurrences of health food stores around all the time, Shahi Herbal Pharma also made certain that it fulfilled its social responsibility carefully and with this end in mind. Help the deprived and the underprevelaged, establishing sustainable living & learning environment through building infrastructure at a distinct and mega level, gives a better meaning to the life of any person connected with Shahi Herbal Pharma’s group. With having schools at primary to higher studies like degree PG college wiz Law College, College of Education, secondary and primary etc. Building townships towards providing a better access to the various basic necessities and amenities required for a healthy living in natural products environment.